Wow! See how much-loved Nigerian singer INSULTED her fans (video)


Nigerian songstress, Yemi Alade has decided to come out and express her anger over some Nigerian music critics.

The Kissing singer went on a Snapchat rant yesterday, stating that she is fed up with the way these critics come after her song lyrics.

Yemi, who has been nominated for the 2016 All Africa Music Awards, also stated that she feels there is a gender bias amongst music critics in Nigeria. According to her, the songs of female musicians are more criticised than those of their male counterparts in Nigeria.

Watch video:

She said: “I don tire for all this self-acclaimed critics in this Nigeria. They don’t do any form of research, they don’t listen to the artistes’ songs” I‘m upset about this kind of thing, I just really think that people don’t know when they’re actually being biased gender wise. They don’t know when they’re trying to pick on females. Enough is enough, y’all just shut up! “

Yemi Alade is gearing up for her world tour which is set to take place in the United Kingdom, the rest of Europe and Asia.


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