While you’re out partying,I’m working-Trump’s New Year message


Donald Trump shared a self-pitying New year’s message to Americans ,telling them while they are out partying ,he is working .

While I’m at the White House working you’re out there partying tonight, but I don’t blame you,’ Trump said in the 11-second video. ‘Enjoy yourselves, we’re going to have a great year. Have a really, really happy new year.’

While First Lady Melania and the president’s children rang in the the new year at a lavish ball in Florida, the president sat down for an interview with Fox News at the White House where he defended they need for a border wall and refused to budge on the shutdown, telling Democrats to come forward and negotiate. ‘

A lot of people are looking to get their paycheck. So I’m ready to go any time they want,’ he said. ‘We’re not giving up. We have to have border security. The wall is a big part of border security. The biggest part.’