WATCH!! How Queen Farcadi Snapchat Queen Make Millions Monthly From Pastors, Politicians


“That’s exactly what Farcadi and her girls do–but they negotiate the price first, before even seeing you.

“Farcadi’s business model does not just entail the traditional f*ck and pay, she runs a premium account on SnapChat where she strips and gets other girls like her to F*ck live for her paid audience. And she says Ghanaian men love to pay for s*x. She was making as much as 20,000 GHS a month from this SnapChat live cam business.

“During the conversation, Queen Farcadi talked about how she got into this business, what her parents think of she does, spoke about her experiences and said about 75% of Ghanaian women are whores, they all f*ck around. She used to too, but she realized some years ago that, there’s no point in allowing guys to continue to f*ck her for free.

“So she started charging for each f*uck instead of being chopped for free like the others. She admitted she has deeply bleached, adding that, it was a business decision to bleach as Ghanaian men prefer light skinned girls to dark skinned.

“It was a brutally honest conversation and I admire her sincerity. She also said Ghanaian men like to chop her ass a lot–which comes with an extra charge.”

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