Video: Woman who was battered by her husband speaks, calls him a homsexual


Gloria Izuakor, the mother of three, who was battered by her husband, Jude Izuakor, in Festac town in January (read here), spoke recently with Sahara TV where she claimed that her husband of 7 years, was a homosexual who ‘marries his fellow men who are mostly under-aged.’
“See, the man is marrying his fellow men in the sense that all he moves about with every now and then is his fellow men, underaged ones for that matter”she said

Gloria said since they got married in 2007, she has not known peace. She said in January 2015 when they went to their village for the holiday, she refused to come back to Lagos with him because of his violent behaviour towards her. She said the elders in their village spoke to him and he promised to stop beating her. When they returned, he started beating her again and told her that it is only when she is alive that she can report him to their elders. She said she is tired and now wants a divorce.


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