SHOCKING REASONS!!! Actor, Lolade Mustapha Finally Opened Up On Why He Dumped His Baby Mama


We learnt that you guy were staying together, how factual is that?

That is true, when she was pregnant, I was catering for her despite the fact that we didn’t have a smooth relationship because there were lots of fights and quarrels. She rained curses on me a lot which I still have some evidence of that at hand. I prayed to God that if it’s true that I related with her with one mind, her curses shouldn’t have an impact in my life and I thank God for that.

After the 41 days, she wasn’t calling and that passed a message. I also didn’t call her because I have sealed up my mind but a real woman keeps her home. After all, they claim to own the house. We stayed together for that period she was pregnant. As a responsible man, I did that to stay with her till she delivered. Till date I am still taking care of my child but I don’t have interest in his mum again. I can say it all because it will look like I am exposing my baby mama which I won’t do. So, just let me stop here.


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