SHOCKING REASONS!!! Actor, Lolade Mustapha Finally Opened Up On Why He Dumped His Baby Mama


Why did you now change your plans to marry her again?

Actually, we were yet to start the planning neither did we cancel anything, my mother wanted me to marry her and due to what my mum was hearing about her, she wanted to change her mind and I made my mum understand that she shouldn’t listen to what people are saying about her.

I said Dewunmi is a good person. I tried to protect her image in the presence of my family members but unfortunately, she revealed her real person to my mum herself. Yet, that didn’t stop me from holding the Nikkai wedding with her but she was rude to my mum not once or twice in my presence and this got me upset before I laid my hands off her.

I can’t say it all but that was the height of all. I believe we are not compatible; God only wanted a child between us. After the child, I got carried away with the love I had for the baby but she unfortunately used her hand to kill the love I had for her in my heart due to her character and she is not read to change and I can’t marry such person.

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