SHOCKING REASONS!!! Actor, Lolade Mustapha Finally Opened Up On Why He Dumped His Baby Mama


Following the news making the round that star actor, Sholagbade Mustapha popularly known as Lolade Mustapha and his long time sweetheart and baby mama, Dewunmi Fatai who is also an upcoming actress and make-up artiste had parted ways barely six months after they had their first baby child, Lolade has revealed why he had to break

In a recent interview with City People, Lolade Mustapha opened up on his relationship with Dewunmi.

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What really happened between you and your baby mama?

Firstly, I have been hearing people calling her my wife which is not true. We are not married yet, she just got a baby for me whom I can’t deny but nothing else is attach to it. She was a good friend to me before the issue of the pregnancy set in and as a responsible man, I summoned the courage to see it as my cross and I decided to take it.

She is a good friend and a good colleague. From the start, we were just friends but along the line the baby came in. Later, I foresaw it that the relationship may lead to a good place and I cautioned myself. When the issue of the pregnancy came up, it was a shock because we were not in good term because weren’t talking for months but I accepted my fate.

Later on, I made up my mind to go for her and marry her but as the popular Yoruba adage has it, “Eyan ti Antori e Gbawe Ti o J’san” literarily in other words, means she is not worth it. I wanted to make things work out between us but she is not ready. I wanted to marry her but there are things she does which I don’t appreciate and I called her attention to it. I believe if there is true love we should be able to iron out thing among ourselves.

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