SHOCKING!!! I Started Having S ex with My Grandmother at 18 – 23-year-old Student Confesses


A 23-year-old boy has warned young men never to attempt going into an incestuous relationship as his own experience has taught him a bitter lesson.

A 23-year-old student has made a startling confession of how he began an incestuous relationship with his grandmother for the past 5 years now. The shocking story between the 23-year-old student and his 52-year old grandmother has left residents of New Juaben Municipality of the Eastern Region spellbound.

Sampson Lartey [not real name] in an interview with Bryte FM’s, Asare Joseph disclosed that he developed the habit of masturbating after his colleagues introduced him to the act, revealed that he was once caught red-handed by her grandmother who took care of him while his parents were outside the country

He started having s*x with his granny at age 18 after she caught him masturbating and therefore used that in blackmailing him for the sexual favours.

“I was eighteen (18) years when it all started. I lived with my grandmother when I was fourteen (14). My parents were not in the country by then, so I spent a lot of years with my grandmother. She took care of me just like her son, and gave me the best of education.

It was vacation, I was inside my room masturbating. The pleasure in the act made me forget that I had not locked the door. Half through the process, my grandmother who wanted to send me on an errand suddenly opened the door. There I was, masturbating. She had caught me in the act. I felt very ashamed and dirty. She closed the door gently without saying a word.

Days after the incident, the cordial relationship that existed between my grandmother and myself froze. I panicked anytime my eyeballs met with hers. I had my nerves loosened. What have I done to myself? I quizzed over and over again.

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