Shocking But True Genius Beauty Tips That Will Impress Every Woman


Everyone wants to look beautiful all the time and everything should be perfect, just like hair, eyebrows, legs, dress and what not. Ladies spend hours in preparation just to look beautiful, not only for others but also for themselves. People might think that it is a simple job, all you have to do is jab that lipstick, make your hair and you still take so much time? No one but ladies can understand that it is not at all an easy job. You have to experience a lot of pain and a lot of trials. So, at tough times, you could always utilize a hack. That is what this article is about. Simple hacks to brighten any ladies’ day.
Voluminous hair
No one wants thin hair, but then you cannot argue with nature, right? In this case, you should take lemon juice and aloe Vera. Pour them in a cup and mix it with your shampoo. Apply it normally.
Dye eyebrows with henna
Get your eyebrows ready and follow the instructions on the package. Additionally, you have to utilize a thin brush to apply and use Q-tip to clean around the area.
Make lashes last longer naturally

You will need an empty nail polish container and a clean mascara brush. Fill it with Vitamin E oil, castor oil and aloe Vera gel. Mix them together. You should apply it on your brows, every night before going to bed.

In order to file almond nails, hold the file at an angle and file the right side and then the left side, to form a U shape.
Perfect red lipstick
Every woman loves a perfect red lipstick for it is classy. If you want to make the perfect one, you should apply concealer with your lipstick and use a Q-tip to clean it around.



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