She Won’t Forget This Night If You Ask Her These 5 Questions Before S ex


2. How do you like to be touched? This is perhaps one of the most important things to get feedback on, says a certified s ex therapist/marriage and family counsellor, Dr. Holly Richmond. “It’s also important to know how a person likes to be touched on their non-erogenous zones versus how they like their genitals touched,” she says. The best route to better, hotter, more connected s ex is to know what you like, and ask for it.

3. What kind of s ex are you in the mood for? Sometimes, one partner may need to be nurtured to feel intimately connected, Richmond says. “That may require slower intercourse with lots of stroking and cuddling, maybe even loving words exchanged,” she says. Other times, the couple may feel a need for more adventurous, passionate intercourse, which could mean rougher, faster s ex and dirty talk, she says.

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