She Won’t Forget This Night If You Ask Her These 5 Questions Before S ex


Are you eager to have the best s ex ever with your woman? Here are five interesting questions you must ask to make it happen.

No relationship can thrive without regular conversations between the persons concerned. Same applies to sexual relationships: unless your partner knows your sexual preferences, things may not work out.

So, enjoy s ex with your partner on a regular basis, here are some of the questions to get answers to.

1. What turns you on? A s ex expert, Dr. Emily Morse, counsels that before you can have mind-blowing s ex with your partner, you should define what that means for you, personally. By being prepared to answer this question before you ask your partner, you’ll get her mind working on how to please you. “If you get to talking in an intimate setting, it’ll definitely set you both on track to hit all the right sexual buttons,” Morse says.

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