See what some girls said about S ex on first date

  • 1. Sometimes we want to be in control.

I’m always hesitant to have sex on the first date if a guy is really pushing for it. I want to be the one who decides if we’re going to have S ex, and not let the guy feel like he won. I want to be the decider.

  •  It’s almost TOO easy to get a guy to have S ex.
  • I’ve never met a guy who hasn’t tried to have S ex on the first date. It’s laughable how easy it is.
  •  We occasionally have reservations because of past experiences.

I naturally assume every guy who wants to f*ck on the first date has an STD or a shady past. Maybe a serial killer? But that’s based on past mistakes.

  •  We like to indulge.

Go for it! Be free, you little winged S ex monkeys!


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