See the extravagant lives of former ruler’s sons


See the extravagant lives of Robert Mugabe’s sons.

Their father is no longer the leader of Zimbabwe but the world is focused on the extravagant lifestyle of his children.

Mugabe’s wife Grace MugabeGucci Grace‘ was not the only big spender in the family.

His sons, Robert Jr, 24, and Chatunga, 20 are notorious for flaunting their wealth on social media while 93% of the nation wallows below the poverty line.

Robert Jr and Chatunga Mugabe

Robert Jr and Chatunga Mugabe(All Africa/ Nqaba Matshazi/Twitter)

In September 2017, Robert Jr. bought a shiny Rolls Royce. Junior who studies American Architecture in Dubai showed up in a black Batmobile. He posted the photo of the crazy vehicle on his Instagram account which has 23,000 followers.

Robert Jr’s black batmobile


He also shared a photo of himself balling in a private jet. The interior of that jet was draped in nothing but gold. He also regularly parties with American rappers such as Young Thug.

Robert Mugabe Jr with Young Thug

Chatunga, his brother, is notorious for spending large amounts of money. He boldly shows off his wealth by doing crazy things like pouring champagne on his diamond-encrusted Rolex watch. Once, he shared a photo of the Rolex and captioned it “$60,000 on the wrist when your daddy run the whole country ya know.

When your father is the dictator of African country, you can show off like this.


The Mugabe boys are not the only ones who enjoyed from their country’s treasury. Family members and associates also got in on the loot.

Vanessa Chironga and her sister Michelle (28) a.k.a the Zimbabwe Kardashians are the daughters of Philip Chiyangwa who is a ‘nephew’ of Robert Mugabe.

Vanessa Chironga


Chiyangwa is a property mogul and politician who is reportedly worth $280m. Michelle who describes herself as humble has a $100,000 Victoria Beckham 2013 edition Land Rover.

Vanessa Chironga living in luxury

Her sister had a wedding worth $65,000. She actually described it as an “actually a low-cost wedding.” Vanessa’s Instagram has 15.5k followers and Elle has 17.9k followers.

Michelle with her expensive Prada handbag
Michelle with her expensive Prada handbag



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