See The Celebrity That Have Done Plastic Surgery You Never Knew About


Hollywood trends are slowing infecting Nollywood Like A Virus. A lot of our celebrities – actresses, models, singers and public figures are now undergoing plastic surgeries. Some of them have Publicly confessed but some others are still n denial, We decided to share some facts and rumors with you… Share Your Thoughts Below…

Regina Adeola

Regina Adeola before and after Confirmed Reports have it that the Singer spent a whooping $80,000 on surgery. She wanted to have Like Angelina Jolie`s lips. she also spent $5,000 for healing and ended up Looking Like an Expensive Baboon.

Rukky Sanda

The actress posted a Twitter picture of her botox after a botox injection. She confirmed that her nose was done as well. She then went ahead to brag to her fans that plastic surgery was not a sin.

Ebube Nwagbo

Star actress Ebube Nwagbo was accused of getting bre*asts Enlargement. But she denied these rumors.

Karen Igho

Karen had her bre*asts Enlarged. She doesn’t deny this fact infact she Publicly Brags about it.

Uche Jombo

The actress was said to have undergone a nose job. but She denied it.

Tiwa Savage

She is considered to have done a nose job as well. Critics claim her nose looks much slimmer than it used to. But she prefers to keep silent about it. And there are counter rumours that it was just a mere make-up trick… What Do You Think???

Dabota Lawson

Ex-beauty queen and actress Dabota Lawson doesn`t reject the facts she has under gone plastic surgery. But she is not talking a lot about it too. The Model and rising actress has done a nose job and liposuction. The whole procedure cost her over $30,000.


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