Sade Adu’s Transgender Son Shows Of Manly Voice In New Video, Fans React


Yesterday, Ila Adu, child of legendary singer Sade Adu uploaded a video of his male-speaking voice on social media, which immediately got a lot of attention.

In the video, Ila, could be heard saying in a deep voice:
“It’s probably the lights. Now, you are orange!”

This major transformation, comes 130 days after he started taking testosterone injections.

Watch video below:

Prolly the light 🙄 #orange #yellow #brothersister #cutelilbean #loveum8 #yaas

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Checkout fans reactions:

niki.music2017Dude your voice👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
lucyheatonldnYour voice!!!!!!!!
caracalonbenzoslol it keeps cracking!🙄 @lucyheatonldn @niki.music2017
malachiraeI’ve been on T over 4 yrs and ur voice is deeper than mine. I’m jelly! U got them good genes! Lol lookin good dude! You should try to come out to LA Trans pride in June! It’s so much fun! Best event of the year! @caracalonbenzos
erraticcbehaviorLove the accent !
monibabymendoza17So cute!
purplepartydesignsI just love your accents. Makes me think of tea time
[email protected]@caracalonbenzos IKR. I don’t even know what tea time really is nor do I like tea but YASSS, Let’s have tea shall we? Brother and sister sound so proper. No clue what you guys where talking about but I love the sound of the conversation. I WANT A BRITISH ACCENT😂😂😂
rhonda.joyMy homies!! I miss you both @leah_collinss Nobody writes anymore 😭
artbyispSuch a deep voice 👌🏻
stephaniesimonhaleYou guys are so silly! Hahaaa but now you’re orange! @caracalonbenzos
loecalaveraSo handsomeeeee😍
caracalonbenzos🤗😘😘 @loecalavera


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