Rob Kardashian accuses Blac Chyna of being unavailable when she was supposed to have their daughter Dream


Rob Kardashian has accused Blac Chyna of going missing when she was meant to have their daughter, Dream Kardashian.

Chyna was supposed to be with her daughter on Saturday but she jetted off for an island getaway without telling her baby daddy.

TMZ sources revealed that Rob was preparing to drop Dream off Saturday for her scheduled time with her mom when it was noticed that Chyna was off the radar. According to the source, Rob reached out to the nanny, Chyna’s team and even Chyna herself through a texting app they only use for emergencies but none was available.

Well thanks to social media, it soon became clear that Chyna had chosen her to be with new man Kid Buu as he shared clips to social media of them hanging out together in Hawaii.

Rob wasn’t given any prior notice of this and he was angered by this though he was reportedly happy to spend time with Dream.