(Photos)Polar bear forced to move out from zoo after ‘divorce’ from his female partner

Ivan(top) Noel(bottom)

Two polar bears have been split up after the female bear ‘lost interest’ in her partner.
Ivan and Noel, who live at the Copenhagen Zoo, have undergone a polar bear ‘divorce’ after Noel decided Ivan wasn’t for her, The Local DK said.

The heart-broken polar bear will be moved to Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Djursland, Denmark, while Noel will stay put in Copenhagen.


According to Daily Mail, Copenhagen Zoo spokesman Bengt Holst told broadcaster DR that the move is for the best for both bears.
‘Our polar bears don’t match socially. They simply don’t like each other in particular our female bear tries to avoid the male. And that’s a problem. She often swims back and forth in the enclosure because she is stressed.’


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