PHOTOS: Shocking Fatal Road Crash Kills Kids In Enugu

Two children have been killed in a horrific road accident in Enugu.


The terrifying accident occurred on Akwata Road near the Coal Camp in Enugu at around 15:00 today.

As can be seen from the photos below, the fuel tanker appears to have flipped over, crashing on top of and crushing half of a silver greyish coloured car.

Very sadly, two little school children died after the car they were travelling in was flattened by the fuel tanker.

According to eye witness reports, the children died instantly and on the scene.

The local police police has thus far not released any information about the tragic accident, and the cause of the disaster has not yet been ascertained.

Road safety in Nigeria remains a pressing issue for the country.

According to the World Health Organisation, Nigeria is one of the deadliest countries in the world in terms of road safety.

Nigeria saw 33.7 deaths due to road accidents in 2014-2015, making the country the sixth deadliest nation on earth in terms of road safety.

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