PHOTOS: Boy Marries Dog To Avoid His Future Wife’s Death

JHARKHAND, INDIA - JANUARY 19, 2016: Seven-year-old Mukesh was married off to a bitch to ward off evil spirits in Manik Bazar area of Jharkhand. Pictures Supplied By: Cover Asia Press

Traditions of some nations can seem unusual for us but some of them are extremely bizarre. And this story involving a boy who has been forced to marry a female dog proves it.

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Mukesh Kerayi lives in a deeply superstitious community in Manik Bazar, India, where locals believe that marriage with a dog will allow him to avoid bad luck when he grows up.

And the boy, whose horoscopes predicted his first wife’s death at a young age, has nothing to do but to obey traditional tribal beliefs. In an attempt to outwit fate Mukesh’s family dressed the stray dog in a bridal outfit and organized a wedding ceremony.

boy marries dog

The female pooch was even given a wedding gown, while many of the townspeople watched the ceremony

Like any other wedding it was attened by dozens of guest villagers, who were singing songs, dancing and cheered in celebration of the newlyweds. Commenting on the odd wedding ritual Mukesh’s grandfather, Ashok Kumar Leyangi, 43, said:

boy marries dog

He was wed to the dog because his horoscopes stated the boy’s first wife would die tragically young

“We believe the marriage will ward off any bad omen attached the boy. This is traditional practice in our tribal community and we still believe in these old customs. We feel that it is our adult responsibility to keep our children safe and happy this way.”

boy marries dog

Villages dancing induring celebration

The dog is now back on the streets, while the boy will still be able to marry a human bride in the future. Human-animal marriage is not recognized in law by any country, although attempts to marry animals have been recorded.


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