PHONE ON FIRE!!! Like Samsung Galaxy 7, Apple iPhone 7 Now catches fire(Video)


Apple Inc. said it’s investigating a customer’s claim that her iPhone7 began making strange noises and puffed white smoke without warning this week.

An 18-year-old Arizona woman posted video of the smoking smartphone on a social media page. The phone, an iPhone 7 Plus model, is seen sitting on the woman’s bathroom sink with white smoke emanating from the device. The woman, Brianna Olivas, said she was awakened on Tuesday morning by squealing sounds the phone was making as it lay on a dresser near her bed.

When her boyfriend saw the smoke, he threw it into the bathroom. Part of the incident was captured on video. watch the Video here: “I was so shocked because I didn’t know how this could have happened,” Olivas told CNET. Olivas said she bought the phone in early January and never had any trouble with it until this week — when the device would not power up, even when sufficiently charged.

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