Pandemonium as Muslims and Masquerades Fight Bitterly in Ikun-Ekiti


Lots of masquerades and Muslims have engaged in a fight in an Ekiti State community, causing a lot of tension in the area.

Ikun-Ekiti, a hitherto peaceful and obscure community, home to an obsolete and moribund dairy farm, gained notoriety in recent times because of the clash between the Muslim Community and the Traditional ‘Egungun’ Masquerade worshippers.

The last week of May to the first week of June every year is very significant to the people of Ikun-Ekiti, in Moba Local Government Area of Ekiti State, because it is the period set aside for the celebration of Egungun festival and virtually everyone in the community participates in the ceremony. However, that of this year was ill-fated because it fell within the same period of this year’s Ramadan, a period Muslims worldwide, including those at Ikun are observing it being one of the pillars of Islam, which is fasting .

How it all began

On the ill fated day, which was on May 30, 2017, the Muslims, had converged at the Ansar-ud-Deen Central Mosque in the community, the same place where the shrine of Ajagunmole was located, just about 20 meters away from each other, this was just as the procession of the masquerades was also making for the shrine.

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