OMG!! Woman Stripped During Deliverance, What She Did Will Shock You


A woman left many people in shock after she stripped during a church prayer session while being delivered of witchcraft.

A shocking incident took place at an apostolic shrine in Zimbabwe when a woman allegedly under the influence of witchcraft and prostitution stripped n*ked during a deliverance service.

The incident which occurred at Madzibaba Stephen Mugariri’s shrine got out of hand when the healer started the ‘back the sender’ prayer session where he exposes witches, H-metro reported.

During the prayer session, two unidentified women ran around the shrine scaring people in attendance before they were given cloths to cover their bodies by the brave church members.

However, some of the people in attendance were scared when one of the two women stripped to her panties and began running around.

In an interview with Star FM’s Tilder Moyo who covered the event, people expressed shock over the woman’s attitude. She was later calmed down by the female church members.

Many people at the prayer session asked for different things from God. Many asked for marriage, job and money.

Speaking at the event, Madzibaba Stephen who officiated the event told members in Beitbridge and across Limpopo River to stop engaging in promiscuity to avoid the wrath of God.


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