OMG!!! Watch What Happened To Man Who Was Caught Braking Into A little Girl Room (VIDEO)


A man cheated death yesterday after instant justice was allegedly meted on him following a little girl who screamed for help as he tried to break into her room.

An instant jungle justice by some angry residents befell on a 33-year-old man from the Mvurwi area of Zimbabwe who escaped being lynched in the wee hours of yesterday following the screaming of a girl for help as the suspect allegedly tried to break into a room she was sleeping in.

Sources who spoke to the media allege that the young man identified as Edson Magudura tried to knock down a bedroom-hut door where a minor was sleeping.

“The suspect was caught yesterday night after he tried to knock down a girl’s bedroom door. The girl screamed for help there by working up everyone, Magudura tried to flee but he was caught after few meters,” said the source.

It was gathered that Magudura was thoroughly beaten by the mob; he sustained a swollen mouth, head and legs before being driven to the Mvurwi police station.

While speaking in an interview, the accused denied the allegations saying he was coming from church and he was mistakenly bashed for a crime he did not commit.

“I was coming from church when I passed in that yard, surprisingly I heard a girl screaming and people coming out – I tried to runaway but I stopped because I was innocent.

“The mob attacked me only to leave me when I was gasping, I am not an alcoholic hence I would not do such a thing,” sobbed Magudura in pain.

He had to be ferried in a wheelbarrow to Mvurwi hospital which is next door the station since the station does not a vehicle.

Watch the video below;

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