OMG!!! Fans Comes For Actress Oge Okoye After Her She Shared Her Photo-shopped Photo On IG


Nollywood actress, Oge Okoye has been yet again ridiculed on social media after she was allegedly caught yet again photoshopping her bum photo.

Oge Okoye has been lambasted by fans on social media after she reportedly posted an edited photo making her bum appear bigger on her page.

This comes after the actress was dragged and ripped apart for stealing photo of dog’s belonging to American actress, Kenya Moore and claiming that the cute dogs belonged to her.

Oge was caught this time around as the iron gate she posed near could been seen visibly bent which is a clear indication that the photo was doctored.

After fans slammed the controversial actress, she was forced to lock her comment section as the ridicule became too much.

Sometime last month, she was accused of padding her bum after fans called her out on Instagram for using bum pad to deceive people into thinking that she has a bigger bum.


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