OMG!!! Boyfriend Murders Beautiful Undergraduate Girlfriend With Gang Friends His Reason Is Unbearable


The son of a rich army officer has landed in serious trouble after he, alongside his friends murdered his girlfriend over a flimsy excuse.

A man has shocked his community members after he murdered his girlfriend and dumped her lifeless body in a bush. The Ugandan man was arraigned in court on Tuesday, Feb 14,2017 after being charged with murder.

The man identified as Dr Brian Bagyenda, confessed to have murdered his lover, Enid Twijukye, after reportedly seeing the photos she took with another man on a phone he bought for her.

He confessed that he murdered his girlfriend out of jealousy and rage. While confessing, Bagyenda admitted to suffocating her to death with the help of his friends 24-year-old Innocent Bainomugisha, and 28-year-old Vincent Rwahwire.

The body of the second year student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business was found decomposing by police during their patrol.

Here is the complete story according to The Ugandan.

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