OH NO!!!! See What Nigeria Police Were caught Doing In The Broad Day Light (VIDEO)


A social media user who was harassed today by men of the Nigeria Police Force in Lagos was smart enough to videotape their corrupt activities.

The illegal activities of two police officers in Lagos State have been exposed after they corruptly obtained some huge sum of money from a commuter who claims to have walked into their trap unknowingly.

This is happening against the anti-corruption stand of President Muhammadu Buhari who has been working assiduously to put Nigeria on the right track. The names of the security operatives have been given as Chinedu and Rowland.

The attention of appropriate authorities has been called to bring the erring officials to book.

The victim wrote: “This happened this morning in front of Lagos State University, Ojo.

“These police officers created a U-turn on the road , and when motorist make use of that u-turn they jump into the car and tell them that they’ve committed a traffic offence and extort money from unaware citizens.

“Mind you, the road is under construction so it’s only proper that ad hoc U-turns are made to ease traffic in the road. The name of the officer driving is Chinedu and the other one is Roland.

“They must be brought to justice. Please help me involve all the necessary people who can bring them to justice. I had to pay through my nose to get myself off their hook this morning.

“The name of the police officer whose picture appears there is Chinedu. I think his surname is Iwuka although i’m not too sure about it. The other officer with the Nokia X2, is Roland”

Watch the implicating video below:

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