Must Read: Confessions of a call girl [Episode 1 – 5]


Confessions of a call girl [Episode 1 : The Millionaire]

It’s 11.30pm and I find myself driving down this lonely dirt road. I think I mentioned it earlier, right? Tonight my name is Candy yes Candy, sweet like sugar, smooth like honey.

They call me Candy because my pussy so sweet if you throw it up in da air it will turn into sunshine. I’m really not a bad girl I must confess but I have to do what I got to do.

Wait, did I just missed my turn? Oh it’s fine. I think it’s the next turn. Here we go, right turn and this is it; not bad, nice big mansion, must be rich…

“Come right in,” he says. Oh my word, he is repulsive. Urgh, how am I going to get through the next hour with this thing?

“Wait right here,” he says, as he ushers me into a room.


A different voice spins me around to come face to face with this handsome Prince, I’m so glad it’s not that repulsive thing maybe I just might enjoy this night after all. He’s so s exy…

Wake up Candy he’s not your Prince. He’s a John, a trick, whatever you want to call him.

This room is exquisite red walls black bed, chair with straps, whips, and oh look there are s ex toys all over the room, I just realized I’m in a playroom.

That was the smallest manhood I’ve ever seen, no wonder he is so weird, imagine making me put on high heeled red pumps and making me do that, and then do that, and that, oooh just so disgusting I cant even tell you what I did, anyhow my darlings, the pay was good for an hour’s job… phone ringing.


“Yes this is Sparkles…

“Yes I’m available…”

‘Confessions of a call Girl’ is based on a true character.

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