MUST READ: ”3 Days After Our Wedding, My Wife Can’t Stop Crying”


I got married on Saturday 20th of February 2016. We were in an hotel till Monday, wanted us to stay longer but she refused saying she wants to go home ( that used to be my house).

Ever since we got home yesterday ( Monday), she has been crying. Called her mom, she prayed for her, my mom called her too and prayed for her.

She stopped crying for a while, we woke up with another round of crying this morning.

This is breaking my heart. I hate to cry as it often leads me to depression now I am close to tears myself.
I don’t know if I have done something wrong or what to do. It is hurting as she cries.

When we were dating, she finds it difficult without her family for long ” oh, I am already missing my dad, I am already missing my siblings” could this be the reason?

One day she came to mine from home as we have Dr appointment early and she lives in another state, she got to mine and 1 hour later she wanted to go home. “I am missing my dad sha” which got me annoyed then.

Could it be that the crying now is linked? She is 25 and I am 30 and we spent quite some time together before marriage. The fact we used to be together for so long makes it more confusing. This is a house she has always been in why the crying now?

It is hurting me. Badly and I am confused.

What do I do?


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