Model swims na ked with sharks to prove that they’re not as dangerous as humans believe


In a bid to prove that sharks can be cute and cuddly too, Irina Britanova, a 27yr old model took to the waters in Maldives in the company of tawny nurse sharks. Irina went completely nu de for the shoot which took place at a depth of 55ft. The images were captured by underwater photographer, Andrey Nekrasov. He said:

‘What one can see in these pictures is a na ked young woman talking underwater with sharks as they get to know each other; mutual curiosity.
‘The aim of this is to capture beauty in nature and not show any vulgarity.’
‘There were about ten or more sharks who showed curiosity and approached closely.
‘In such a situation with capturing sharks underwater, the model and photographer have to adjust to the circumstances.
‘I like to show na ked nature, such as it is. I think the na ked human in the wild looks harmonious.
‘People usually like the pictures, though everyone with their different reasons.’

The purpose of the project was to show that there’s more to sharks than the fear and prejudice we place on them, and to highlight that most sharks are not dangerous to humans


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