Mercy Aigbe: My Husband Almost Killed Me


In the past few weeks, Mercy Aigbe and Lanre Gentry’s marriage came to a crash and now this is the interview Mercy Aigbe had an interview with Broadway TV.

When she walked into our office shortly after the first court hearing with her now estranged husband over alleged battering, Mercy Aigbe’s look were in sharp contrast to the happy girl, vivacious  and ‘slay mama’ reputation she has.
Mercy looked beaten, battered and broken. The visible black pouch under her left eye bears screeching testimony to her present struggle and tales of a survivor. Popular actor, Mike Ezuruonye who was in our office as at the time she came in couldn’t believe his ‘eyes’. It appeared he was looking at another Mercy Aigbe. A ‘Mercy’ who bore no resemblance to the queen on the screens. He kept muttering to himself, ‘whoever did this to Mercy is a monster. This is unbelievable’.
Truly, Mercy’s present state and predicament are unbelievable. Three years ago, she and estranged husband, Lanre Gentry jointly produced a video to debunk rumours of domestic violence. Mercy has consistently portrayed the image of a happily married actress. She is often referred to as an actress with ‘marriage goal’ in blogsphere.
For the uninitiated, this popular Nollywood actress, Mercy and hubby, Lanre Gentry have been in the news for the wrong reasons. Lanre has been accused of beating Mercy to a pulp and dangerous bend. According to the actress and based on medical reports we sited, certain muscles are trapped in the orbit of her eyes and she coughed blood consistently during the near one-hour interview she reluctantly granted Broadway Tv
In this tear-filled interview, Mercy remains inconsolable and sad that her seven year marriage is headed for the rocks. However,she firmly believes it is better for one to lose her marriage than gamble with the gift of life while trying to keep up appearances. Mercy Aigbe is a convert. Yes. A convert to the cause to say ‘NO’ to all forms of domestic violence in Nigeria.In her own words,she intoned,‘I thought I was going to die during the last round of beating he subjected me to.’ The traumatic experience still brings palpable fear to her eyes as she narrates the events. Not one soul in the office of BROADWAY TV was left without a tearful eye after the interview.

It was obvious after the interview that she had been doing a lot of cover-up, served us false ‘couple’s goals’ slogans for years and has a lot of sorting out to do (legal, medical and professionally.)

Few weeks ago, you came out to say your husband didn’t beat you but you later shared that he consistently beat you. What should we believe the former or the later?

In the midst of all these, I have never granted any interview and I have never for once come out to say my husband didn’t beat me. It was in 2013 that I had one and it was about the news that broke out then that my husband beat me and we had to do that video at that time.  He has consistently beaten me.

Why did you stay despite the consistent beating?

Because I just wanted a home, because I loved him because every time he beats me, he begs, he gets family and friends to beg me and he promises that he would change but he never did. I prayed, I fasted and I hoped he was going to change but he never did. My husband is a violent person and when he gets angry, he gets physical so it is not just about me. He has actually beaten a house help of mine before, Oluchi. I was even out of the country when this happened and the girl had to go to the police station closest to us to get the police to arrest him. That is the kind of person he is. Aside the fact that I wanted a home, I stayed because of my children. I didn’t want to be moving from one man to the other and a lot of people look up to me as a role model and they respect me because I am married, I didn’t want to disappoint a lot of people. Some people would probably say I am a fool right now to have endured everything but God knows and he sees my heart that I just wanted a home. A lot of people already have opinions about actors that we do not want to stay under a man’s roof so it wasn’t just easy for me to walk away.

After this whole thing happened I met with my husband’s younger brother and told him that this man would just kill me one day. He is not ready to get help or go for therapy as regards to his anger so he can know how to manage his anger, so I told him that this last incident was brutal and he almost killed me. I thought I was going to die. I said to him that I don’t feel safe anymore. For a very long time I have been living in fear in that house because any little argument leads to me being beaten up by my husband even in front of my children or my domestic staffs and my neighbors. I just got tired of it. I moved out because I wanted to opt out. I was just scared for my life because a lot of people have died in this kind of process. I just wanted to feel safe and that was why I moved out. 4 weeks after and I am still coughing out blood sometimes the blood is so much. I am bleeding internally and that is how brutal it was.

Why did you take him to court?

A day before Easter Sunday I discovered that my husband was sleeping with a girl who was like a sister to me because we were very close and I was bitter and not very happy about it because that wasn’t the first time. My husband has slept with a lot of my PAs and he has done a lot of things but I endured and it wasn’t easy. I was bitter because he promised me he was never going to do it anymore so we had an argument on Saturday but at a point I had to keep quiet because I didn’t want him to get physical. On Sunday, I cooked, the children ate and I served him. I told him I was going for a burial which I had informed him prior to that day. At first, he said that I was supposed to stay home with my kids and I said I had promised I was going to attend and that if he doesn’t mind we can actually go together since I don’t plan staying long. He said no problem and I could go for the party. I went to my designer’s place Luminee to dress up in case of any adjustment that needs to be done on my outfit; my makeup artist, Ayomide and a colleague were there. We got to the party late and by the time we got there they were already rounding up and we spent just a little time and we went back to Luminee’s place.
At a point my husband called me on the phone to come and pick him up at his office on my way home. I told him to leave me alone and I just want to be left alone that he was choking me. ‘Go home, I will get home soon’ I told him I wasn’t going to come because I was still angry at what I had found out about him sleeping with someone else the previous day and I ended the call. He called me again and asked where I was that I needed to pick him and I told him I was at Luminee’s place. Then he started shouting that I should pick him up from the office. I knew he was angry and I told him I was going to come.
I told Luminee I had to go that my husband was getting angry and if he gets angry I know that he was going to beat me up. At that point, Luminee walked me to the door.
When we got to the door I heard a car park. I started panicking and I told Luminee that I was sure that was my husband, at that point he had gotten to the door and immediately I got to the door, Lanre beat me mercilessly. He kept punching me, slapping me, hitting my head on the wall. Everyone saw it. I was begging him and scared he was going to kill me. He said he was going to kill me; he was going to damage my face so people wouldn’t call me for a job. He was like someone who was possessed. At a point I had to tell him in Yoruba that “Lanre mo ma bimo fun e, Kini mo se?” (Lanre I have a child for you, what did I do?) Blood was coming out from my nose, he kept beating me. When Luminee and Ayomide saw this I begged them to take me to the hospital. He said he was going to take me to the hospital. Luminee helped me into the car and he told them that if he sees any of them in his car he would beat them when I heard this; I stumbled out of the car. He came to me and matched me on the face. He kept beating me. I started crying for help. I told Luminee to get  the security men at their gate else he was going to kill me. She ran to call the security men and when they got there they walked him out of the Estate.
Ayomide had called her husband and Luminee called my husband’s friend and when they came, they took me to the hospital, Solid Rock Hospital Ojodu. He followed us to the hospital and he kept shouting that he was going to kill me and I didn’t know what I did.

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