MEGA Cashiers is the new MMM and is 100% Guaranteed


Mega Cashiers is a community of people providing each other financial help on the issues of Gratuitousness, Reciprocity and Benevolence.

Mega CASHIERS is a community dedicated to helping each other achieve the highest level of financial freedom through a peer to peer voluntary donation. Participants use their spare money as donations to other participants and in turn they get donations from other participants to the tune of 40% to 60% of their initial donations.
Mega CASHIERS is unique due to her commitment to sustainability and serving her community better. Models are put in place for these purposes which are at this point unique to this community alone.
You pledge a spare sum of money that you have readily and get up to 40% to 60% increment in 25 days.
You must make a new pledge within 3 days of Getting Help on your previous donation; failure to do this will lead to blocking the account which will be reopened upon satisfactory explanation to support.
There are no registration bonuses
You earn 10% of the sum of your referrals donations into the community (if your referral donate 100,000, you earn 10,000 referral bonus)
You cannot withdraw referral bonuses separately, you withdraw it alongside you GH, the referral bonus you can withdraw per-time cannot be more than 150% of the PH amount you are withdrawing at that time. (e.g if you PH 20,000 to get 28,000, then the maximum referral bonus you can get is 30,000. The maximum withdrawal you can make is then 58,000). To withdraw your huge referral bonuses, you have to PH high amounts.
Payments can be confirmed before or after upload of teller but you must be sure to have received the funds before confirmation because confirmations cannot be reversed.
Payments with uploaded proof of payment (POP) are auto-confirmed after 72 hours if recipients do not flag such payments as fake.
Fake POPs are scrutinized and decision will be made by the system.
once a participant is merged to redeem his/her pledge, the participant has 48 hours to redeem the pledge.

Mega Cashiers has been tested and can be trusted



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