Man arrested for exposing his male member to a hotel room cleaner


A man has been arrested for following a woman to work and exposing his male member to her.

Jessie Montero, a 30-year-old parolee was arrested for indecent exposure and violation of parole after reportedly following a woman to her work and exposing his penis to her.

According to Vacaville police, the woman was heading to work when she noticed a man following her. She got to work and set out cleaning a hotel room when the man reportedly walked in, exposed himself, and began making sexual comments to her.

Police say the woman was able to keep her cool and asked the man to leave. She then called the police and they were able to identify the suspect as Vacaville resident Jessie Montero.

Montero was located a few hours later near his residence. Police responded to the area and placed him under arrest.

He has been charged with indecent exposure and violation of parole.