Lol… Pastor prays credit into his church members phone in Ogun state(photos)


Such hilarity! This happened at a church in Ogun state recently. Never seen anything like it The pastor pictured above said he wanted to show his members how powerful God is. He then asked them to bring out their phones and prayed that God should miraculously credit their phones.

After the prayer, one of the female members testified that she had only N9 balance on her phone before the prayers but after the prayer, she saw N750 credit on her phone. Another one said she had N50 but after the prayers, she checked her balance and it was N100….Eyin oluwa logo! Lol. Wish I could share the hilarious video here. Found it on Facebook…

pst-pray-recharge-card-into-phones5 pst-pray-recharge-card-into-phones4 pst-pray-recharge-card-into-phones3 pst-pray-recharge-card-into-phones2 pst-pray-recharge-card-into-phones1 pst-pray-recharge-card-into-phones


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