LADIES!!! See the Type of Guy You Should Stop Texting Or Calling,


Stop texting the guy that talks a big game, but never follows through. He keeps telling you how much he likes you, how badly he misses you, but he never actually makes plans to hang out with you. Your entire relationship exists over the phone. You never flirt with him face-to-face, because he’s just a name on a screen.

Stop texting the guy that makes everything about him. He doesn’t ask about your day, because he’s too busy talking about his day. He uses you as a place to dump his complaints, to rant about his horrible life. He’s always talking talking talking, but never listening.

Stop texting the guy that takes hours to answer your messages — if he answers them at all. He picks and chooses when he wants to talk to you. He decides when you’re convenient and when you’re only a nuisance.

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