JOB SEEKERS!!! See The 10 Things You Need To Know To Pass An Interview…..10 Will shock You


Many people look so hard for new jobs but end up making costly mistakes that deny them the jobs during interviews. These are some of those mistakes you have to avoid.

1. Poor preparation.

Basically if you don’t prepare well for anything in life it is always certain that you will always end up with a disastrous outcome and same is true for poor preparation towards your job interview. If for example you were asked a question like “How does your qualifications and experience matches with the position you are applying for’’. Chances are that lack of prior anticipation to answer a question like this may just make you screw up the interview. This simply arose because you did not prepare for such a question. Hence, it very important you prepare adequately by knowing how your experience and qualification matches with the role. There are other things you should know in preparation for your interview. Top 40 Tips to answer tough interview questions tells you more.

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