Japan Set To Build The Tallest Building In The World As Twice As Tall As Dubai’s Skyscrapper (See Photos)


There are plans to build an extraordinary one mile high (5,577ft) skyscraper in a Japanese ‘mega city’ being dubbed ‘Next Tokyo’. It would be more than twice the height of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which stands at 2,717ft high.
The structure known as the Sky Mile Tower would be the crowning centre piece in Next Tokyo, a futuristic city which is being built to combat climate change. The ‘mega skyscraper’ is expected to house 55,000 people who will have access to its ‘sky lobbies’ which will hold shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, gyms and even health clinics.
japan-to-build-tallest-building-in-d-world1 japan-to-build-tallest-building-in-d-world

The city itself, expected to be completed by 2045, will house around 500,000 residents who are looking to leave their high-risk coastal homes and reduce their commute.


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