Is this proof Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet are soulmates?


Yesterday, Leonardo broke the internet with his first Oscar win ,however, people could not ignore the bond he shares with his Titanic co-star,Kate Winslet …They way they look at each other, their reaction to their Oscar wins look the same.
Many are hoping the fairytale love they shared in Titanic would come to materialize some day.Sadly, we all know Leo loved his women tall,blonde,skinny and models…
But on the good side, we all know people rarely fall inlove with their types..True love is never like that..

See more pics below
Leonardo-DiCaprio-and-Kate-Winslet4 Leonardo-DiCaprio-and-Kate-Winslet3 Leonardo-DiCaprio-and-Kate-Winslet2 Leonardo-DiCaprio-and-Kate-Winslet1 Leonardo-DiCaprio-and-Kate-Winslet


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