HELP!!! I Have A Wonderful Husband, But I’m In Love With Someone Else And I Can’t Help It. – Lady Lament


We first met when we were very young. I was 19, he was 22. It was my first job and he was my first love.

There were sparks between us that I had only seen between two people in movies. You think those things don’t happen in real life. And then it happens to you, and all you can think about is your love. Every moment spent awake is for them. I was in love.

Things didn’t work out between us.

We had many reasons for us to not work out. I can put the blame of us breaking up on our egos. We killed our relationship because we kept our egos above each other. We were too young. We didn’t realize what a stupid mistake we had made by ending things between us because no one was ready to compromise. We didn’t think we should have tried harder. We didn’t think this would be the biggest regret of our lives.

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