EU invites President Buhari, reveals where Nigeria’s stolen funds


President Muhammadu Buhari is set to embark on another foreign trip next week.

The Head of the European Union delegation to Nigeria, Michel Arrion, revealed that President Buhari will address the European Parliament in Strasbourg on February 3.

Arrion said that Buhari’s visit to the parliament was at the invitation of the EU.

He clarified that the Nigerian president would address the over 750-member parliament from the 28 EU member countries.

The official also said that after Buhari’s speech he will have personal meetings with the president of the European Commission.

Arrion added that the visit would focus on the president’s agenda of security, anti-corruption and economy development, among others.

The head of the delegation said that funds stolen from Nigeria by public officials are scattered all over the world.

He said: “Nigeria’s stolen funds are not only in Europe; they are everywhere. So we are happy to see that President Buhari went to UAE to discuss the repatriation of stolen wealth.”

The official stated that the EU is supporting the war against corruption in Nigeria through a 35 million Euros project being implemented nationwide by the UN Office on Drug and Crime.

President Buhari has departed Abuja for Nairobi, Kenya on a three-day visit today, January 27.

The president would equally leave the country on Friday for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for the summit of African Union leaders.

Nigerians are not happy with Buhari’s trip, saying that the president should spent more time in the own country, that currently faces so many challenges.

Kenya is 14th country in Buhari’s list of trips since he assumed the office.


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