DRAMA!!! Actor Accused of Being Fake


Sonia the wife of Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna, has come under fire for the gifts she received from her husband on her birthday ,Tuesday, January 19.


Sonia, who just turned 25, had her husband’s full attention, as he splashed her with lots of birthday gifts, ranging from designer shoes, to designer bags. An overjoyed Sonia took to Instagram to gush over her husband and to also show off her presents.

Sonia gushing about her designer shoes

Sonia gushing about her designer shoes

Sometime later, an associate of musician/entrepreneur Dencia, made a series of posts on their Instagram page @rodeodrng, letting Sonia know that all she got as gifts are allegedly fakes.

Here’s what they had to say about the designer items:

Here's what @rodeodrng said about Sonia's presents

Here’s what @rodeodrng said about Sonia’s presents

They shouldn’t have tried to steal her shine. It’s her birthday, and her joy shouldn’t be ruined.


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