Couples Only 3 things that will kill your relationship


According to relationship coach, Owen Williams, there are three things that can kill a relationship.

1. Compromise: Compromise sometimes could be harmful in a relationship because couples are settling for less than what is ideal. Most times couples do not know what else to do in a relationship so things like ‘giving up’ and ‘giving in’ are what they do and in this case will end up miserable. Instead of compromising, couples should learn to negotiate in order to gain a level of understanding with each other.

2. Competitiveness: In this world, men are being brought up to be competitive and women are brought up to be co-operative. But competitiveness should be left at the door if couples want a thriving relationship. Would you rather be right or be happy in your relationship.

3. Complaints: Men naturally shuts down when women complaining. Couples should talk about what works, rather than what isn’t working. That’s a start to good communication between couples.


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