Confessions: Tonto Dike Vs. Her Nanny


Nanny to Nollywood actress, Tonto Dike’s son, Andre, Mrs. Mgbechi Enyinnaya, has accused the Nollywood actress of verbal assault and other forms of emotional and psychological torture in the time period she worked for the actress.
The 56-year-old nanny who was reported to have been abandoned at a medical facility by the actress while speaking in a recent interview opened up on how the actress treated her while revealing what really transpired between her and the actress.
Speaking on Sunday after a video in which she was being questioned by the actress and some other persons went viral on social media, the estranged nanny claimed that the show of love and affection by the actress was all fake.
The estranged nanny who confirmed that the actress had on occasssions gifted her with clothes for two of her children added that contrary to Tonto Dike’s claim, she never gave her money or showered her with gifts.
She said: “Throughout the period I worked for Tonto, she always assaulted me verbally. At the slightest opportunity, she would rain abuses on me and tell that she would scatter me if I wasn’t careful. I lived in that house with her despite all the constant harassment because of her son, King. I loved the boy like my own child and it was because of him that I stayed long with her.
“She has never given me money to give to my children. The only thing she did was to give me some of the clothes she wanted to distribute to motherless babies homes to give to my children.
“Tonto said that she had taken me to 15 countries, let her show the world my passport and the copy of the visas she claimed to had obtained for me. The only place we went outside Nigeria together was Ghana and it was her husband, Churchill, that took us there.
“The video she posted online was not the complete version. All the things I said, they did not show it. She only showed where she and others were intimidating me; they never allowed me to talk. Let her tell the world the truth because I worked for her diligently and had never conspired with anyone to tarnish her image.”


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