COMMOTION!!!! As Benue State Governor Left Office But Found In Swamp, See Reason


The Governor of Benue State, Samule Ortom, has shown off his humble and hustling side after he was spotted working hard inside a dirty swamp. Kudos to him.

A Facebook user, Hon Nelson Stony Uwua‎, has taken to social media and shared the shocking photo of the governor of Benue state, Samuel Ortom, inside a dirty swamp while farming.

The poster captioned the photo;

“The change has really come, this is where a Governor of a state will leave his duties of leading the good people of his state and went for rice farming, this is a government where will tell the APC members that the 8 months salaries will be paid from now to December, this is a government where possible things become impossible, is the government that will order his Security to beat one up for the truth that has being said. My Governor come back home and lets the people of benue state feel you impact.”


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