Christian Lady Who Fell In Love With Muslim Guy After Several ‘Christian Guys’ Broke Her Heart, Needs Your Advise


Hi… Please I prefer if my ID is hidden.

When I was young I told myself that @ a certain age I will be one man babe….along d line I went into setting my goals (relationship wise), I’ve dated guys who were Christians and just two Muslims.

The Christian guys I have dated so far, don’t do the things that should be done in a relationship, it is either one is lazy, rude, had nonchalant attitude,etc my relationship does last long,so have been searching for the right one.

Last 2-3years I dated another Christian guy all in the name of “religion” the guy is ohk but it seems to me that I was d one driving d relationship, d guy can’t do anything without involving me, I am always the one trying to put him in shape, if am nt around him he looses force, you know, am always the one trying to make things work…and each time I do this I always brings it to his notice that he is not doing what a real man should do, for this years I kept on complaining, still no changes. I had no other option then to break up with him.

Right now am in relationship with one of d Muslim guy, we’ve dated before we had issue so we broke up and now we r back together and he wants to settle down with me, yes of course this guy is not giving me all that I want but he is trying, he gets pissed @ me when am wrong, apologize when he is wrong, he is very hard working, he encourage me to be independent, he is even trying to fix me(business wise), I am not saying he is perfect but he is trying to be a perfectionist, with him I can feel a true relationship.

Personally I don’t have any issue getting married to him,thou he as made his intentions clear that he won’t allow me go to church, and I have concluded within me that I Will change to his religion(I didn’t tell him this) as far as I am concern we are good to go but I don’t think my family will b in support because he is a Muslim.

Pls I need advice what do you think I should do? No insult pls your opinion and advice will be useful pls.


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