Choir Master Confesses of Sleeping with Pastor’s Wife


My name is Stanley, a 29-year-old man. I work and live in Lagos. I have a very dark secret that has been threatening to crush me but the problem is that I can’t help myself.
I am the choirmaster as well as a worker in a pentecostal church. The problem is that I have been sleeping with my GO’s wife for the past two years and now that I am set to get married, she has refused to cut off the relationship and has vowed to invoke evil on me if I stopped sleeping with her.
I can’t say exactly how the whole thing started but I can remember that our mother in the Lord had taken a special interest in me the very moment I joined the church.
She always took the time to find out about my well being, how I was doing at work and made sure I was always very comfortable.
She would send her housemaid to bring food for me and also to keep my house clean. She would buy food stuff and send them to me and whenever she and our pastor traveled, she would buy me clothes and gave me pocket money.
Whenever she preached, she would use me as an example of a good Christian gentleman who did not allow my education, good job and handsomeness to stop me from serving the Lord.
I can vividly remember the day she invited for a program outside Lagos and she insisted I should drive her there not minding the fact that they had drivers.
Our pastor who trusts me so much approved of her request and I went with her. At the hotel we were to lodge, she made sure we were booked into rooms on the same floor.
In the night, she called me through the intercom and said I should come over for devotion and without any ulterior motive, I went to her room. The first shock was when I met her in a transparent nightgown.
She did not put on underwear. I was about to apologize to her and leave the room when she stopped me and told me to come inside. I was still rooted to the spot when she went behind me and locked the door and held me close and began kissing me.
I struggled to free myself but she held me tight and dragged me to the bed where we fell in together.
To cut a long story short, we had sex all that night and in the morning, I apologized to her, telling her I did not know what got into my head but she told me to keep the apology as she had been in love with for a very long time and was always looking for an opportunity to sleep with me.
She told me how her husband was so weak in bed that he always leaves her sex starved and could go for six months without sleeping with her. She told me she would change my life as long as I remain her secret lover.
Since then, we have maintained the secret affair where we sneak around making love at every given opportunity to have sex. We have made love several times on her matrimonial bed, in different hotels, in my house, inside her car and so many odd places.
I always wonder how she keeps a straight face whenever she is on the pulpit to preach against adultery and fornication.
My problem now is that I am set to marry my fiancee but my pastor’s wife has vowed never to let me go. She still wants us to continue sleeping together even when I get married.
I know what we are doing is very wrong and a grave sin before God but how do I set myself free from this sex crazed woman?

Dear readers, after going through Stanley’s story, what do you think he should do to get away from the clutch of his pastor’s wife?


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