Checkout the Best NYSC orientation camp in Nigeria – See why and How much they pay in the state (VIDEO)


As soon as you receive NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) draft notice or you see your name in the NYSC mobilization list, you should be prepared for a new stage of your life, a stage of one-year serving your fatherland. Now you become interested in NYSC orientation camps in our country. We will try to give useful information and define the best NYSC orientation camp in Nigeria.

Each NYSC orientation camp considers its main goal to awaken in the Nigerian youths the espirit of selfless service to the community, the brotherhood spirit, regardless the social or civil backgrounds. The main aim to unite the future of our country. To foster unity among huge diversity NYSC corpers are sent to the different from their native state, so the main arising question is concerning the best NYSC camp. Firstly, it may seem very easy to find the answer, but in fact, it depends on many criteria. Still, there are common for everybody.

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