CHECKOUT!!! 8 Thing That Will happen when you stop having s ex


When you stop having sex all of a sudden due to general reasons, then there will be a lot of changes that you’ll be seeing in yourself.
You may either feel a loss of sex drive or an increase in libido. When people begin to refrain from sex, they begin to feel more sluggish with less vitality for sex.

For some, not having sex can tone down their sexual desires and for others, it can make it more desirable. You might either be thinking of it all the time or you may not think about it at all.

Making love is part physical and part mental. This activity can help to regulate one another’s mood.
Sex helps boost the spirits through mood-elevating endorphins.

Without these, you might be naturally feeling low and will also be clinically depressed. Again, this differs from person to person.
Some studies have also shown that depression and lack of sex are linked. This is applicable for some cases only and not always.
In this article, we have listed about what happens when you stop having sex. Read further to know more about the things that happen when
you stop having an intercourse.

1. You Get Sick More Often:

If you don’t have sex for a long time, your immune system becomes weaker. Germs find it very easy to spread through your body and you can catch a cold or flu more often. By just having sex more often, you can get rid of cold and fever. This will let you know what happens when you stop making love.

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