Check Out These 7 Advantages Of Using A Mac Laptop 6, Will Blow Your Mind


7 – Multi-touch gestures

As Apple has evolved the multi-touch display on its best-selling iPhone, many of the biggest innovations have emigrated across to the Mac range too.

Mac users can swipe between full-screen apps, scroll, launch Mission Control, pinch to zoom and rotate photographs by circling two fingertips on the trackpad. Apple has included a dozen or so more gestures, as well as a number of slickly-produced tutorial videos, enabled from within system preferences.

Expanding your thumb and three fingers apart across the trackpad, like you are miming brushing away the virtual windows on-screen, shuffles all of your open apps out of the way to reveal the desktop – a personal favourite.

Apple’s latest laptops include a Force Touch trackpad, which uses haptic feedback to imitate a physical click with accuracy. Force Touch also brings variable levels of sensitivity, driven through software, which lets users control the speed as they fast-forward through a QuickTime video simply by the amount of pressure applied to the trackpad.

You can also Force click on a name to quickly preview their contact details, Force click a tracking number in Safari or Mail to see shipping details in a popover, and more.

Granted, many Windows 10 PCs now ships with touchscreen displays, which solves some of the same problems as the multi-touch trackpad on OS X, but for our money, these often feel less intuitive on a desktop machine.

And as Apple continues to advance its Force Touch capabilities with macOS Sierra, Windows users could find themselves being left further and further behind.


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