Check Out These 7 Advantages Of Using A Mac Laptop 6, Will Blow Your Mind


6 – Move and rename a file, even when it’s open in another app

This is another entry that could baffle life-long Mac users, but Microsoft’s almost-universal desktop operating system kicks up an almighty fuss whenever you try to rename or relocate a file that’s open in another app.

“The action can’t be completed because the file is open in another programme,” the prompt warns users.

OS X users do not experience the same restrictions and can drag-and-drop files around the system without breaking a sweat.

Files can be renamed from the Finder, or from the open app.

And while we’re on the subject, Apple users have much more freedom when it comes to naming files. You may have noticed Microsoft throws its toys out of the pram whenever you try to the following characters in a filename / ?<> : * | “ . Granted, Apple has restrictions on characters, too. But this is limited to only one – the colon. And if try to type one by mistake, the OS automatically replaces it with a dash.

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