Check Out These 7 Advantages Of Using A Mac Laptop 6, Will Blow Your Mind


5 – Retrieve something you’ve deleted from your file

Apple introduced Versions alongside OS X Lion in October 2011.

This staggeringly useful feature catalogues a history of the document you are working on, as you save any changes. You can then browse through the different iterations of the document, comparing it side-by-side with the latest draft.

You can restore entire past versions, or bring single elements from past drafts – like an image you deleted three hours ago, or a line of text you drafted last year – back into your working document.

It’s essentially a super-charged version of Undo, and when it’s combined with Apple’s in-built Auto Save feature (which saves during pauses in your work, or should you work continuously, saves every five minutes) means you will never lose a detail you’ve overwritten or deleted from your file.

Granted, Windows users can retrieve entire files. But you’ll struggle to dig-out a conclusion you penned in the same Word Document six months ago.

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